A schedule of online classes will be provided in the event of a class group being out of school. Individual students who are out of school can keep up with their ongoing class work via the standard Onenote system
A Selection of Information Videos for parents using the School iPad is available here

Remote Learning

In Dunamase College our remote learning is available to students who are unable to attend school as a result of the Covid 19 situation.

To access remote learning you will need your office 365 password , your ipad and for remote classes the TEAMS app.

Details for logging into Office365 are available in your school journal. There are also useful training presentations available from the Microsoft site accessed below If there is an issue with your password please contact the school.

Class materials will be available via your class Onenotes, which you will be used to using in school. Your teachers will assign homework which will be submitted & assessed regularly.

Information On Using Microsoft One note and Teams is available Here

Remote Learning January 11th – 31st

A remote learning programme is currently in operation for all students.

The class tutor will send a screenshot of schoolwork for the forthcoming week to students and their parents / guardians on or before Monday mornings.

Students should contact their tutors if they are having problems accessing school work.